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Starco Solutions is a professional cost management consulting firm specializing in solutions to reduce energy (electricity, gas, oil, petroleum, water/sewer and steam) and telecommunications expenses. We provide a broad range of services to meet the specific needs of our clients - including audit, rate optimization, procurement, conservation, on-line utility data management services and market pricing research. Our objective is to help businesses and utility intensive organizations make more informed utility purchasing decisions, recover overpayments and implement cost reduction strategies - improving their overall profitability.

We provide consulting services to many businesses around the world ranging from multi-national corporations to local businesses with a single location. Our clients represent a broad spectrum of industries including mining, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, hospitality, and government agencies.

To our clients, Starco Solutions is the consultant of choice because of our industry leadership, experience and international presence. Our global relationships, coupled with our unique understanding of local markets, suppliers and cultures, help us consistently deliver high quality advice and service.

Cost Control Program
In many organizations the management of utility costs is not a top priority. Utility invoices are typically processed by accounts payable departments without any meaningful review or verification. Most management attention is devoted to the cost of labor and materials. Considering that energy and telecommunications costs can make up as much as 25 percent of an organization's overall operating budget – utility cost reductions, even the most modest ones, can significantly improve profitability.

To relieve businesses of the burden (i.e., time, expense and distraction) of developing and maintaining the resources and expertise to internally verify, validate and analyze utility expenditures, we developed the Starco Solutions Cost Control Program. This program is designed to identify and pursue potential refund and cost savings opportunities – reducing your utility costs and improving your profits.

The Starco Solutions Cost Control Program is both easy to implement and scalable. It can function as a total outsource solution or as a complement to existing utility cost management programs.

As part of this service, you will be assigned a specific account manager who will act as your primary contact within Starco Solutions and will coordinate the following activities:

Data Collection: compile your past and current utility invoices and construct a comprehensive database of key utility data – i.e., usage, demand, price, taxes, etc.

Recovery Audit: review your utility invoices for administrative, computational and other potential errors and overcharges.

Rate Optimization: analyze your annual utility usage and demand profiles against available rate options to identify more cost effective alternatives.

Procurement: in competitive markets, prepare documentation necessary to solicit offers from suppliers, evaluate responses and negotiate contractual terms and conditions.

Reporting, Implementation & Monitoring: prepare and submit management reports with our findings and recommendations, implement refund and savings strategies, and monitoring of future invoices for new cost saving opportunities and compliance.

Recovery Audit
Each year utility suppliers submit countless invoices, worth hundreds of millions, to their customers containing errors. Most consumers are surprised to learn that the burden of identifying and correcting these mistakes is their responsibility.

Who verifies your utility invoices to ensure they are correct? If your organization is not currently validating utility invoices, does it possess the resources and expertise to take on this added responsibility?

We understand that in most organizations utility bills are processed by accounts payable departments without any real review. For accounts payable departments, the primary concern is paying the bill on time to avoid late charges and service interruptions. It is for this reason we offer a service to audit client’s utility bills to ensure that they are not being overcharged for their utility services. Our comprehensive audit services check for erroneous meter readings, incorrect applications of rates and pricing arrangements, usage anomalies, duplicate billings, and other administrative errors. Our audit services can be accomplished on a pre-payment or post-payment basis.

Rate Optimization
Utility suppliers offer a multitude of rate schedules that may be applied to a particular consumer’s account. These rate schedules are constantly changing – i.e., new rates are added and existing ones are modified or eliminated.

The application of each specific rate schedule to a particular consumer’s usage profile results in a different cost. Most consumers are surprised to learn that utility suppliers are not required to apply the most cost effective alternative to their account. The responsibility to analyze, identify and request the most cost effective rate falls on the consumer.

Who chose the current rate schedule for your service? Have your usage profile or operating characteristics changed since your last rate review? Does your organization have the resources and expertise to analyze all of the available rate alternatives and optimize your expenses?

Rate analysis and optimization requires access to a utility supplier’s rates, a detailed understanding of rate design as well as one’s overall usage profile, and systems to compare multiple scenarios. Based upon our experience, very few businesses want to maintain the internal expertise or resources to perform this task.

It is for this reason that we offer a rate analysis and optimization service to our clients. The objective of this service is to identify and implement the most cost effective rate alternative available, thereby reducing the client’s annual energy and/or telecommunications expenditures. This is not a one-time service. Once we have optimized a client’s current purchasing arrangements, we monitor changes in the available rate schedules and the client’s usage profile to ensure that the client continues to purchase their utility services under the most cost effective rate option.

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